Knockout CBD Affiliate Program

How Does It Work?

It couldn’t be simpler! We’ve streamlined our entire partner process to ensure ease of use, while still maintaining extremely accurate partner tracking. The process is as follows:

  1. Visitor clicks on an partner link on your site or in an email.

      2. The visitors IP is logged, a cookie is placed in their browser for tracking.

         3. The visitor browses products on our site, and may decide to order.

              4. If the visitor orders, the order will be registered as a sale for you.

                  5. We will review and approve the sale – you will receive commission payouts.

Love our products?
Join our partner program

Earn some serious money for every new customer you send our way. If you’re a big fan and you feel like a brand ambassador for our electronic cigarettes & personal vaporizers, we want you to get paid! We provide all the website tools to do it successfully, including marketing materials, banners and buttons.

Earn high commissions!
Up to 40% commissions

Not only can you join our team and help spread the word about your favorite products, you can get rewarded for your efforts. Our system tracks referrals and pays top commissions for every client you send our way. That’s it! You send us business, we send you money!

WE PAY YOU $25.00 just for signing up!
High Conversion Rates

Our website and plans generate one of the highest conversion rates in the industry. Our high conversion rates mean that the people who you send here are more likely to buy our products. Of course we can’t prove that either, but if you don’t trust us, why would you want to refer people here?


Introducing performance-based commission payouts

When you make the life-altering leap to join our affiliate program, we will happily provide you with eye-catching banners and textual links to place directly onto your website. When users click on your links, they will be automatically taken to our website where their activity will then be tracked by our affiliate software (yeah, we got this!). For all of their purchases, you will earn the applicable commissions stated below. Should customers return in the future to complete what they started by purchasing, or to satisfy their desire for monthly refills, you’ll earn your commission(s) then as well.

Levels New Customer Acquisition Payout
 Level 1 (0-24 NCA/month)* Knockout CBD 20%
Level 2 (25-49 NCA/month)* Knockout CBD 25%
Level 3 (50-74 NCA/month)* Knockout CBD 30%
Level 4 (75-99 NCA/month)* Knockout CBD 35%
Level 5 (100+ NCA/month)* Knockout CBD 40%
*If customer is on the Home Delivery Program, you will automatically earn your commission each month when they are automatically shipped (provided you are an active affiliate). Now that’s residual income!

Join Knockout CBD Partner Program!

Signing up and getting your account configured couldn’t be easier. You can be referring business our way in as little as five minutes.


Program Highlights

  • FREE to join –  in fact, WE PAY YOU $25.00 just for signing up!
  • Starting at 20% payout for all Knockout CBD products sold
  • Up to 40% payout
  • 2-Tier Program – You will get 5% of sales from all the affiliates you recruit
  • 365 Day Cookie
  • Be a part of the most respected CBD brand sold in stores and online
  • Free website banners, text links and email creative
  • Sub Affiliate tracking
  • Auto-responding notifications are available to alert when you make a sale
  • Extensive, updated keyword list
  • Exclusive Direct Linking Technology so you can link right to our site without any query string of affiliate ID in the link ( Yes… we will still track your orders this way… we got your back!
  • Print materials are available at beautifully discounted prices
  • Direct deposit available for faster deposits
  • We offer cutting-edge online management tools, including real-time commission reports
  • Continuous support from highly experienced Affiliate Managers