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CBD Oil Vs CBD Capsules

CBD Capsules Or CBD Oil Tinctures: Which One is Better?

With the CBD market having exploded in the USA, There’s a lot of talk around CBD and the many different ways to consume cannabidiol. If you are shopping for CBD products you are not alone 14% of Americans say they use CBD products. There are many products out there, it can seem impossible to choose. Tincture Oils, capsules, e-liquids, gummies, beverages, vapables… Of course for people who are vaping are going to opt for a CBD e-liquid. But for the rest of us, the choice isn’t so clear.

These two CBD products have some strong similarities and couple key differences, which is why people often struggle to choose between the two. One of the biggest question first time CBD Users have: What’s the difference between CBD capsules and CBD oils? If you have been deliberating over this decision, Knockout CBD is here to tell you what aspects of CBD oil and CBD capsules are the best, so that you can make an informed decision about which product to buy.

In this article we will be giving you the whole low down on each of these products and how to choose one over the other. Wanting to know the difference between CBD oils tinctures and CBD capsules? Keep reading!

What are CBD Capsules (Edibles)? – An Overview

CBD Capsules are made in a similar way to regular CBD oils, by extracting the ingredients from hemp and then suspending them in a gel capsule.  CBD capsules are small, soft gel pills that usually contain somewhere between 10mg-50mg of full-spectrum CBD. One of the most popular ways to consume CBD because they’re tasteless, quick to take, and you don’t have to worry about the dosage. CBD Softgels come with their own pros and cons. This method provides ease of use and a consistent serving size but may have some downfalls.

How are CBD Capsules Made?

They are made with full-spectrum CBD oil, and the CBD oil in these capsules are derive from the hemp plant. Which means capsules contain natural extract, cannabinoids, terpenes, minerals, and essential vitamins. Cannabinoids and terpenes in the capsules provide unique benefits. Our body naturally contains cannabinoid receptors called CB1 and CBD2. Those receptors work better when attached to the cannabinoids in CBD. That’s the main reason why people experience positive effects with CBD.

What is the Bottle Size and Strength of CBD Oil Capsules?

CBD oil capsules come in a bottle with 30 count of softgel capsules. The concentration of CBD 10mg of CBD oil and 30mg of CBD oil per softgel, That makes the bottle strength of 300mg and 900mg in concentration throughout the entire bottle.

CBD Capsules | Pros

  • Capsules very easy to take. You can take it with your vitamins or supplements, it’s easy to add a daily CBD capsule into the mix.
  • Each dose is already measured out for you in each capsule – We are offering 10mg and 30mg cbd capsules there’s no mess no guesswork involved.
  • Capsules are very ideal for traveling. CBD Oil Tinctures attend to leak in your bag and are very easy to carry around.
  • They are best for your privacy, you likely won’t be noticed for taking one at work or in public.
  • Since some people dont like the taste of CBD oil, capsules provide a taste-less option.

CBD Capsules | Cons

  • Capsules are not widely available as CBD oils, Sometimes it can be a challenge the find the exact strength you need.

Most Asked Questions about CBD Capsules

What is CBD Oil Tincture (Cannabidiol)? – An Overview

CBD oil, sometimes referred to as a CBD Oil tincture, consists of cannabinoid extracts from the hemp plant and then suspend the extract in an inert oil such as MCT Oil or coconut oil. Although it is called a tincture, these normally do not contain alcohol. CBD oil is probably the most popular option for newcomers to the CBD world.

CBD oil is a handy oil substance packed full of cannabinoids that you can make use in many differentways; Many people mix their CBD oil into their food, for example you can make your own CBD edibles at home or salad using Knockout CBD oil.

Bioavailability of sublingual administration is higher than some other methods; however, the bioavailability is still only reported to be about 18-35%, so you’re still not getting the full 100% of the active component.

How are CBD Oil Tinctures Made?

CBD oil comes from the hemp plant. During the extraction process, the oil’s removed from the flowers, stems, stalks and leaves of the plant; usually via CO2 extraction creating pure CBD distillate oil.

What is the Best serving Size of CBD Oil Tinctures?

One of the benefits of using a CBD oil tincture is allowing you to create your own serving size and determine how much CBD oil is right for you. The dropper of a 30ml bottle holds 1ml of liquid, this may sound complicated, For example :

  • A 1000mg CBD Oil Tincture 1oz (30ml) bottle contains approximately 33 mg per 1 ml.

This is important to consider when trying to understand how much CBD oil you are actually taking and it is important that you should always shake the CBD oil tincture well before use.

CBD Dropper
CBD Dropper

How to Use CBD Tinctures?

For the Best result:

  • Shake the bottle well before using
  • Fill your tincture dropper up to your desired level
  • Squirt the CBD Oil in your dropper under the tongue
  • Hold under tongue for 45-60 seconds
  • And swallow

After using your bottle, make sure to screw the lid back on tightly to avoid leakage. Also High-fat meals can increase bioavailability by 3-5 times the amount.

CBD Oil | Pros

  • There are many CBD oils available out there. Knockout CBD offer 500mg and 1000mg cbd tinctures, meaning that there will definitely be a CBD oil available to suit your needs.
  • By using a dropper, you can create a serving that is more accurately tailored to you.
  • Bioavailability is higher than with capsules around about 18-35% . Sublingual oils is one of the most ideal for general usage; they are quite an adaptable method that can be used for a range of balancing properties.
  • It is very easy to get the hang of and thus easy to put into your daily routine.

CBD Oil | Cons

  • Not every one likes the taste and texture of CBD oil.
  • Carrying around a bottle of CBD liquid is inconvenient and risky. There is a chance the bottle may leak.
  • It is not a subtle way to take CBD. Specially in public droping oil under your tongue is pretty conspicuous.
CBD capsule VS CBD Oil

Verdict: CBD Oil Tinctures or CBD Capsules

Now that you know what CBD capsules and oils are, you’re probably wondering which is best for what?  It is not for us to say whether CBD oil or CBD capsules are the better of the two. It all depends on what you are looking for in particular.

For Fast Results : CBD Oil Tincture

CBD oils absorbed directly into your bloodstream faster than capsules, making them the best option for achieving results quickly.

For More Control : CBD Oil Tincture

CBD capsules gives you a better way to control how much you’re consuming. Sometimes dosage can get tricky with droppers, It’s not always easy to measure how much oil you’re taking, Taking a pill means you never have to question your dosage.

With all of this in mind, CBD oils will be more suited to you if you are looking for a fast-acting relief, and if you don’t mind the taste of CBD. And on the other hand Capsules will be better option if you are after subtlety and convenience.

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